Liminality is a transitory space; the space a person occupies in-between change from one situation or perspective to another, such as within a ritual or a rite of passage. Within a liminal space, a person is neither part of the old nor part of the new; the person is outside of time. Liminality is the spark of creation and the ultimate freedom. Within liminal space, deep healing and transformation can take place.


Liminality is run by Samara, a shamanic healer, an archaeologist (BA, MA) and forest school leader and events manager. Each of the four strands of shamanic healing, forest school, events and Dreaming Ancient Landscapes, facilitate liminal spaces. For instance, shamanic healing brings deep healing transformation, both the Forest School and Dreaming Ancient Landscapes develop nature & ancestral awareness at a deep & transformative level. Whilst the concept of liminality itself is expressed at the events that I design and manage; spaces where time & place cease to be relevant, where freedoms are expressed freely, dreams are born & transformations take place.


I am passionate about guiding people to connect with nature, in a variety of differing ways depending on their needs. This can range from my work in woodlands, for instance teaching people how to tread gently and open their senses, enabling them to gain a sense of freedom and deeper connection with animals and the natural world. Or by holding powerful healing shamanic circles, ceremonies and workshops. To a walking adventure over ancient landscapes seeking connection with our ancestors. I regularly practice all of these activities with a variety of people ranging from children to young people to adults. I also do one-to-one shamanic healing sessions with adults, helping them to become whole and centred more fully in their life path, enabling a deeper connection with nature. Another of my interests is bringing all of these elements together in public events, whether that be a healing fair, a green fair or a festival.


In these pages you will find details of my shamanic practice, workshops, tours and events. Liminality is based in Somerset in the South-West of England.


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